Transitional Studies Program

How to Get Started on Your High School Equivalency Diploma

Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency and English as a Second Language classes are offered  at no charge. These classes are designed to build skills in foundational reading, mathematics, and writing in order to prepare the student to enter the High School Equivalency program.

At Southeastern Community College, we refer to this type of learning as Transitional Studies or College and Career Readiness. 中国十大赌网 offers the HiSET exam.

Individuals who are under 18 years of age should complete the Enrollment Packet for minors and call 910-788-6301 or email to schedule an appointment.  Students must receive consent from their former school in order to participate in this program.

  1. When you are ready to get started, please complete the registration form.
  2. Next you will register for an orientation session to be held most Wednesday from 9am-1pm. Please  contact the office at 910-788-6227 to sign up for a date.  During this time, you will learn more about the program and also take a CASAS Placement Test.
  3. Once orientation is complete, you will be able to attend our on-campus location or any of our off campus locations for instruction.
  4. Start attending classes. You will be tested every 70 hours to check your progress to help you move through the process to graduation.

More About Us

High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation

Those receiving an acceptable passing score on all sections of the HSE test will receive a High School Equivalency Diploma awarded by the State Board of Community Colleges. The sections of the HSE test are: Reasoning through Language Arts; Reading; Mathematical Reasoning; Social Studies; and Science. The test is given approximately every month. North Carolina has adopted three different high school equivalency diploma options. These tests are offered as a Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Pencil Based Testing (PBT).

  • HiSET (CBT & PBT) consists of 5 tests. The fee for taking the HiSET is $50.
  • TASC (CBT & PBT) consists of 5 tests. The fee for taking the TASC is $52.

HSE test is accepted as a valid means of awarding a high school diploma. Most employers and training programs accept HSE in the same manner as traditional high school diplomas. In addition, students may enroll in any community college program with the HSE diploma. Universities will accept HSE graduates after they meet other admission requirements. Students usually complete their first two years at a community and then transfer to a four-year school. Certain branches of the military will also accept HSE graduates while some branches may have additional requirements.

Adults who have not completed high school may take the HSE test at 中国十大赌网.

Learn more:

This class will improve the adult learner’s ability to speak, read, listen, and write the English language while integrating civics education and technology skills necessary for navigating contemporary society. Any adult student who does not speak English as their native language can enroll with no fees or tuition costs.

This course provides an opportunity to customize foundational English and math content in specific areas and will include developing a growth mindset. Topics include developing the academic habits, learning strategies, social skills, and growth mindset necessary to be successful in college-level English and math. Upon completion, students should be able to build a stronger foundation for success in their gateway level English and math courses by obtaining skills through a variety of instructional strategies with emphasis placed on the most essential prerequisite knowledge.

Get a specialized certificate and earn your High School Equivalency diploma at the same time with Basic Skills Plus! Enroll in one of our pathways and learn employability skills, job-specific occupational skills, and technical skills.

Pathways currently offered:

  • Construction Academy
  • DSS Income Maintenance Caseworker
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Nurse Aide I
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Welding

Basic Skills Plus Flyer

This course provides students the opportunity to brush up on reading and math skills.  It is used for personal improvement to gain knowledge in content areas. This course serves as a refresher course. These students already have their high school diploma.

中国十大赌网 provides instruction and workplace skills for individuals with developmental disabilities at Community Innovations located in Columbus County. Individuals enrolled in this program learn the fundamentals of mathematics, science, social studies, reading, technology, and oral communication. At the same time, instructors are preparing students for employment and economic self-sufficiency.

Southeastern Community College offers to test for the HiSet exam. The HiSet is available as a paper or computer-based exam. HiSet paper-based exams are $15/exam (5 exams) and the computer-based exams are $10.75/exam (5 exams). Students must register and pay online at The exams are given on campus. The website also offers additional resources to help prepare students for the HSE exam and a monthly testing schedule. Upon successful completion of all five exams, the students will receive an HSE Diploma from North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. A graduation ceremony is held annually for the HSE Diploma graduates.